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About Us

"We stand by our products, and the people who use them. "

         SICTCO, Specialized International Contracting & Trading Co.,
is a newly founded company part of BECCO Group International largely focused & specialized in areas of contracting, trading & maintenance. Combining the history & expertise of BECCO group with its modern perspective on the market, SICTCO is rapidly growing both locally & regionally. SICTCO is involved mainly in the trade & supply of specialized construction material, contracting & maintenance services, as well as quality inspection & In-situ Testing.

Our headquarters are based in Saida, Lebanon with international offices in more than 7 countries in the region. Our company also controls facilities in several strategic locations for the storage and handling of the commodities we trade, call center for our maintenance services as well as showroom for the display of our products.

Our aim as a company is to fulfill the market demand when it comes to certain specialized construction material. Moreover we are focused on bridging the gap between construction & maintenance by providing a combination of these services. Our main focus is to monitor factors such as quality & timeliness of delivery of all of our services to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are an entrepreneurial company with a dynamic & fresh approach to a long-existing domain. We are targeting the market with a futuristic perspective in management, trading, contracting that recognizes international standards and believes in innovation & technology. As such we have equipped ourselves with facilities, manpower & technology to provide the fastest & best services.

As part of BECCO group we have combined the history, background, domain expertise & reputable name of BECCO Group in order to take trading in the region to a new level of professionalism. Empowered by this huge experience in business consultancy, strategic planning, market analysis and engineering & contracting, SICTCO is establishing itself as a main leader in the trading market.

Our services include:


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