Engineer Mazin Bizri


General Manager of Specialized International Contracting & Trading company (SICTCO).

He is an experienced project consultant and implementer of change with proven ability within a variety of industries demonstrated by the achievement of quality project work to budget and within timescale.



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Our Experience


Our experience includes services for small and large projects in the following sectors: Oil and Gas sector, Industrial sector, Infrastructure Including Bridges and Viaducts, Hotels and Tourism Sector, Commercial and Residential, Hospitals and Medical Facilities.


Our Team


Our company is as good as people who represent it. Therefore, we are extremely cautious in the process of hiring our engineers and technicians. SICTCO relies on professional and highly qualified staff of technical experts, who are aware of the state of latest technologies related to their fields. These experts are steady, well- educated and cooperative.

Our Values


We are committed our image as professionals with highest level of integrity and accreditation from our clients and customers, building to our solid image a respectable reputation in the market.





































































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