Supply of specialized


construction material

"We stand by our products, and the people who use them."



We are well known construction contractors and builders offering wide range of construction and maintenance services etc. Apart from this, we also supply construction material like raw material & supplies, machinery, tools & equipment and many other commodities.


All our products are carefully chosen to balance, quality, durability, practicality as well as price ensuring the best price per value. As such we guarantee that you will receive only the best material that suit your requirements.


We also provide delivery services for products as we are well equipped with delivery vehicles, service trucks and service men all which ensures that your receive your product on time & in best shape.









  • Some of our main products include:


    Waterproofing systems and products

    Thermal & acoustic insulation products

    Concrete repair products

    Adhesives & grouts

    Anchoring & Additives products

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Specialized contracting




"We stand by our products, and the people who use them."



Our company has developed a relationship with our customers that encourages their trust in our ability to execute their expectations. Our core values of timeliness, quality & safety are followed through in our contracting services. Projects are delivered on time & strict concern is applied to keeping our workers safe and the people working in adjacent areas. In all of our past and on-going projects, our team has proved professional in every regard completing on time & delivering great results to our clients.


SICTCO has the ability to manage all the challenges change in schedule, design and even cost with a clear focus while maintaining the professionalism to always deliver what is more then expected to the client. And what really describes success in delivering and offering these services is our clients who come back for more projects.


SICTCO is focused mainly on specialized rather than general contracting. Our aim is to bring new and contemporary cutting –edge techniques and technologies not available elsewhere and matching them to your needs & requirements. System installments, concrete repair, renovation work, finishing system, waterproofing and such are among the services we provide. Matching the construction material we provide to our contracting services, we give you the option of supply & apply in one full package that includes product & its related service.










SICTCO has a large team of crafts men who can deliver exactly what you want you want and even more than your expectation at an appropriate price. SICTCO may improve your property with an extension, a new bathroom, a custom made or designed new kitchen or a loft extension or perhaps may provide a painter and decorator to brighten things up.


Our construction department has executed direct-hire projects of all types. This experience has provided the Company with the in-depth knowledge of the construction process necessary for all stages and processes involved in a project. Every project we build reflects the experience of hundreds of successful projects.


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Management Program


"We stand by our products, and the people who use them."


SICTCO has the skills, experience and the team to maintain your property exactly as it should be; whether it’s your home, your office, your factory or a commercial investment

Property must always be maintained, updated, repaired and improved to ensure its continuous rule as a great investment.


SICTCO will manage and protect your budget, maintain and improve your property and all at an appropriate price. Our highly experienced people and the systems and processes they use provide you fast, efficient, trouble free and high quality maintenance & repair services.


SICTCO's team is professional in achieving commercial maintenance goals in the most cost, time and resource effective ways possible.

Unlike the majority of maintenance companies, SICTCO looks beyond the handy-man idea. Our team of maintenance technicians and specialists are all well-trained professionals that get the work done efficiently and on time. Our maintenance checkup includes surveying systems and installations to prevent the occurrence of damage or malfunction and bypass the need for repair.
























Air Conditioning




Gas & Central heating






Joinery v

Soft & hard landscaping



Soft & hard furnishing

Fire alarms & equipments


Stud walling




Furniture moving



Water leak

Moreover, with our 24-hour emergency call service, you will be relieved at finding fast and efficient response to your maintenance issues of all types and at all times. Our always-ready team will dispatch servicemen anytime of the day or night when they receive your call. whether it's an emergency in the office or at home; whether it's an electrical, plumbing or any other problem, rest assured that we can take care of it.  Being available at any time reassures you and gives you peace of mind and that's at the core aim of this service.


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SICTCO offers a 24/7/365 emergency services:



















Quality inspection &


In-situ testing


"We stand by our products, and the people who use them."


Our Quality Management unit is responsible for auditing and inspection of all of our project undertakings. Moreover, SICTCO’s team provides this service for other projects as quality managers. These include major and minor construction projects.

Our Quality Inspection procedures follow internationally recognized standards such as ISO, OSHA and BS as well as locally specified regulations. Our team of engineers and technicians are highly experienced and well trained to audit the fine details of any project.


In addition to quality inspection, we conduct and array of In-situ testing protocols to assess different vital construction characteristics such as soil & concrete. These testing services go hand in hand construction project in the pre-construction phase to ensure quality.



This quality management unit conducts routine reviews on all of our other services to make sure they are up to standards. This unit supervises our specialized construction material in terms of quality. They also give all of our construction and renovation sites routine checks coupled with in-situ testing. Therefore, the services we provide are also applied internally to maintain quality and ultimately to ensure customer satisfaction.


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General import and export



"We stand by our products, and the people who use them."


SICTCO is also a trading company largely focused on the movement of physical commodities. Our import & export department is mainly involved in the trade of raw material & supplies, machinery, tools & equipment and many other commodities within the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.


Our company’s headquarters are based in Lebanon with international offices in more than 7 countries in the region. Our company also controls facilities in several strategic locations for the storage and handling of the commodities we trade.


We have an entrepreneurial trade vision, committed to growth in existing and emerging markets. We provide innovative transportation & business solutions to serve our customers with the best time, quality & efficiency in the market. Our team includes experts in international trade & trade laws, finance & financial markets & several other related fields, which enables us to provide our customers with professional market analysis, price discovery, marketing support & timely distribution of their products.

As commodity specialists, we have combined the experience & history that make us capable of providing the best in terms of trading services & products. Our main focus is to monitor factors such as quality of product & timeliness of delivery of all commodities to ensure customer satisfaction. Strict quality control procedures as well as time management & control techniques are implemented for proper review & monitoring of each & every shipment. Moreover, we are alert & responsive to market needs & changes, in order to track the products in demand & subsequently provide them. Our experienced team delivers a deep understanding of the transportation, credit, cash management, and market issues you may face.




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